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Récréation Motomarine is located on the shore of Lake Saint Francis in the Sallabery-de-Valleyfield region. This lake, with its 51 square kilometers, is known for being supported by the Lac-St-François national wildlife reserve and flowing from Lake Ontario. Many activities are offered nearby, such as hiking, camping, the beach, and more!

Personal watercraft rentals

Récréation Marine offers a variety of PWC models for rent and the customer’s choice of hour blocks, at very competitive prices.

The rental price includes all of the necessary equipment, such as gasoline, a life jacket, and all nautical safety equipment required for this type of boat. Also, training is given before each rental.

Spark : Light and stable, the Spark will take you wherever you want and draw attention with its unique look! Available for 1-3 places.

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Spark Trixx: For wheelies, jumps, and easy turns and inclines; this PWC will keep you on the water and allow you to express your creativity!

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GTI 130: Ideal for relaxing; stable and comfortable. Allows 3 passengers, and includes a large boarding platform.

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GTX 130: With its large rear platform, ideal for a swim or a picnic on the water. Stable at high and low speeds.

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–kayak, paddleboard, pontoon, bike path, marina, pool (available on location $)

BBQ Donut and Fontail (2 boats available)


Fontail: Characterized by its vintage look and classic style, ideal for a picnic on the water. (8 to 10 people)

BBQ Donut: Floating table with an integrated BBQ, a must for a festive culinary experience on the water. (1 to 10 people)*

*This product will be subject to the sanitary conditions in place.